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Family Law

Embracing technology in your co-parenting

Whether you are pre-divorce or post-divorce, co-parenting with someone you no longer want in your life can be rough. Embracing modern technology may just make everything a little bit easier. More and more divorced parents are relying on co-parenting apps and online...

Why a cohabitation agreement is such a good idea

Couples who live together without being married are cohabiting. Some couples may move in together without thinking of a future breakup. If they do break up and one member of the couple moves out, they may be facing some thorny legal questions. A cohabitation agreement...

How can you ease your divorce process?

You should not expect divorce to be easy. After all, you are ending what was once the most important relationship in your life. Yet, there are ways to prevent it from being more complicated than it needs to be. If you can view divorce as a necessary step to allow you...