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Our Firm’s Philosophy: A Strong Commitment To Meeting Clients’ Needs

At Goodspeed Merrill, we aim to be the outside legal team of choice for businesses as well as a trusted source for individuals and families in the Denver area and throughout the Rocky Mountain region. Core values at our firm include collaboration, responsiveness, transparency and service. Our lawyers stay focused and well-prepared to tackle any challenge.

A One-Stop Shop For Comprehensive Legal Services

When you entrust your legal matters to our care, you can count on us to walk with you through each step of the journey toward excellence. When we say we are a “life cycle firm,” we are referring to the synergy that we cultivate and honor between:

  • Our team members, investing in each other’s successes
  • Our attorneys and clients, working together as partners in pursuit of our clients’ goals

As attorneys, we devote our knowledge born of experience, to the challenge of developing customized solutions to straightforward and complex legal problems.

As counselors, we listen well and deliver personalized advice for every situation.

As business partners, we invest the necessary time and analysis to get to know our clients’ businesses and understand their immediate and overall needs.

Longtime clients say we are kind, considerate and sincere. Their concerns are ours, too. We consider ourselves a community of professionals guided by a nontransactional mindset. Our attorneys and staff regularly get in the trenches alongside our clients, devising and providing the services that our clients need today to be secure tomorrow and beyond.

Proactive And Hardworking, Emphasizing Efficiency And Right-Sized Solutions

We never let busywork get in the way of the leanest, most tailor-made legal services that we can deliver. Whenever possible, we complete tasks at the lowest suitable hourly rates without sacrificing quality.

Our attorneys are hands-on advocates dedicated to building our clients’ businesses as well as providing personalized legal solutions in areas such as estate planning.

Let’s Talk About How We Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Learn firsthand about our ways of working through an initial consultation to discuss your immediate and long-term legal concerns. Call 720-943-9033 or complete a simple online form for a prompt response.