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Special Needs And Protective Arrangements

Decisions concerning future care and assistance can be especially pressing and worrisome when a client has a disabled or incapacitated loved one. A client may desire to set aside money or property to ensure that his or her loved one is protected and cared for even if the client is not available. Moreover, a client may not have the necessary tools to ensure that the loved one’s best interests and needs are respected.

Special Needs Planning

If you have a loved one with a disability or suffering from an incapacity, you can still designate assets for such loved one’s use and benefit that will not interfere with his or her eligibility for assistance. With careful planning and coordination, assets can be held in trust and help supplement and increase quality of life but still ensure that remaining assets ultimately pass as intended upon the loved one’s death.

The attorneys at Goodspeed Merrill will work to ensure that your family is supported as needed to ensure that a disabled or incapacitated loved one is protected and provided for in the event that you are not able to do so for any reason.

Conservatorships And Guardianships

In certain instances, a conservatorship or guardianship through the Court may be needed if a loved one requires assistance and protection based on age, incapacity, or disability. This type of protective proceeding can be intimidating but the attorneys at Goodspeed Merrill are here to help you navigate the proceeding and process to ensure that an already tough situation can be handled smoothly.

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