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Are you liable for your spouse’s debt?

When you and your spouse get a divorce, you need to divide the assets that the two of you own together. This process is commonly referred to as property division. It can include dividing tangible assets, like cars and homes, and dividing financial assets like bank...

What makes a good business partnership? 

As an independent and driven entrepreneur, you got your own business off the ground. Initially, this was a side project that brought you an extra income. However, things really took off and it became a sustainable way for you to make a living.  The more your business...

Can divorce lead to a happier life?

You and your spouse may not be seeing eye to eye lately. This has led to a lot of arguments that left a bad taste in your mouth. This conflict may have gone on for so long that you’ve forgotten how it feels to be in a happy marriage – but it doesn’t have to be like...