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An introduction to trusts

The thought of estate planning may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be that way. A simple will can easily be paired with a trust. This will help to ensure that your beneficiaries are the recipients of your assets when you are not here to speak for yourself. A...

3 arguments to stay together or to separate

When you’re dealing with frustrations in your marriage, it’s not always easy to decide if you want to stay together or separate. For some people, it makes sense to stick together because hard times are going to pass. For others, separating is more appropriate because...

Are you really asking the court for a divorce?

As you head to court to get a divorce, you may feel like you have to ask the judge to grant that divorce, and then they make a ruling about whether or not they're going to allow it. This implies that the judge could also deny your divorce and force you to stay...